Order. Honor. Justice.
word association: Chandra

Gideon’s stare faintly trails to his feet, “Incomplete.”


"Grow." the solider chuckles.

Word Association Time! Send me a word and my muse will say the first word that comes to their mind.

Pain is welcome. Death is inevitable. Honor is the only legacy a man should crave.

If planeswalkers were on tumblr what do you think they'd blog about?





jace: memes and politics but he’d be really gullible and reblog like articles from 2011 cause he never checks the sources

liliana: selfies, witchcraft, aesthetic, and feminism. she has over 100k followers.

nissa: dog spotting but with big, gross bugs, also pictures of trees. the aesthetic bloggers who like those blurry nature photos always reblog them but really she’s just not a good photographer.

sorin: supernatural/creepypasta blog. posts selfies a lot anyway

tibalt: his blog title is “welcome to my twisted mind” and you never know if he’s gonna reblog something really stupid and annoying or be genuinely cool. also blogs about gender and sometimes makes those text post memes

ashiok: one of thsoe really tumblr famous people because they’re really attractive. reblogs lots of aesthetic and spooky and pagan stuff like liliana, also social justice and politics. their blog is being monitored by the government. has almost as many followers as liliana.

gideon: social justice and pictures of cute animals, sometimes recipes. he’s the guy who makes all of those white house petitions

chandra: also social justice. she’s the one who always has the guts to call someone out on their shitty text posts and writes those really long rants that get a train of reblogs with “THIS” gifs and she get so irritated like i wrote those good ass rant and yall gotta go and add some gif of rachel from glee

domri: just posts about his life. uses tumblr for its intended purpose. has a photography side blog but it doesn’t have very many followers

Ajani: Just endless pictures of cats. Like he sees cats on the streets and whips out his phone like “Hell yeah!”. Also probably a bunch of pictures of his friends while they’re hanging out like “lol, look at this nerd. I love this nerd” but never takes selfies.

The real question is which of the walkers either writes fanfic or draws fanart.

Is it Elspeth?

Shit.  Have I just made this meta?


….About that….


There is literally no reason to not like Gideon Jura




chandra-nalaar said: did u notice that on the gideon page it lists chandra as his only friend

((wizards, stop doing this this instant))

yeah wizards that’s so wrong and i’m offended that they’d say chandra is his ONLY friend. that’s not fair at all she,s not his friend

((wizards should really up thier game. i fixed it))

chandra-nalaar said: did u notice that on the gideon page it lists chandra as his only friend

((wizards, stop doing this this instant))

((that’s gideon))

((that’s gideon))